The Standard Of Excellence

Today’s episode is one of the most empowering conversations I’ve had. I am joined by a good friend of mine, Jeff Lerner, who is the founder of Entre Institute, an education company.

Jeff demands a high level of excellence from himself and those around him, and he is here to tell you why you should do the same in your own life. He explains how he has grown his company to almost $100 million in revenue, but this hasn’t been without struggles along the way.

Struggling is a natural part of any entrepreneur's path and it’s how we deal with these struggles that can make or break our business.

Demanding High Excellence From Yourself

In this podcast episode, Jeff explains how demanding excellence of yourself and your team will push you towards reaching your business goals. You can become a better leader and a catalyst to help others reach the same level.

In business, it’s all about relaying the right information - who you are, what you do, and why what you do matters. Your success lies in your ability to articulate each of these key points. It’s part of what raises your own standard of excellence.

Looking Introspectively

A lot of the time, as an entrepreneur, you need to look introspectively to determine where you can make improvements. What small changes can you make to enhance the value that you provide to the world? After all, if you want to generate over $100 million, you need to provide value that is worth more than $100 million!


If you’ve been sitting on the fence about starting your own business or you’ve been thinking about giving up altogether on your entrepreneurial dreams, hopefully this episode will inspire you to continue going. You will learn how to figure out the right direction to scale your business effectively.


When you raise your own standard of excellence, you will raise the standards of your business, your friends, and your family…


Building a great business starts with working on your own values and standards!


Get in touch with Jeff via email to learn more about Entre Institute and their services [email protected].


Listen to the episode here or watch it on YouTube here.

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The Standard Of Excellence
The Standard Of Excellence
The Standard Of Excellence

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