The Secret Behind Fully Unlocking Your Potential And Becoming Your Best Self

In this episode, I met up with a good friend, Seth Ellsworth, who is quite the enigma. Seth has dedicated his life to upleveling and becoming the best version of himself.  Not only that, he’s helped countless others do the exact same thing.

Seth had a long journey of disappointment.  He calls it living an “almost life.”  Then one day, something happened that changed everything.  It was small and simple, yet profound.  From that event, he developed a simple framework that is the key to becoming virtually anything you want to be.

It sounds a bit woo, however it works.  Whether you're trying to quit smoking or you're trying to scale your business to seven, eight, or even nine figures, or you're trying to just become the very best husband or wife that you can be or any other goal, it doesn’t matter.

The information you will learn in this episode is truly going to help you to normalize to the highest standards possible.

I recommend that you listen to this a couple of times to really let it sink in. This concept is going to make a huge impact on you, as it has on me. 

“What I do is who I am.”

Seth is not a coach or a consultant.  He’s not a counselor.  He simply says about himself, “What I do is who I am.”  It’s his secret sauce.  Seth is his own craft, one he works on every day.  Simply being the best version of himself is how he serves the world.  His presence speaks more volumes about what he does than any elevator pitch ever could.   

The Seth that people see and experience today was honed from a life of almost getting the things he wanted.  He walked on to college basketball only to be sidelined before getting to play in a real game.  

Career success came easily to him, but something would always sabotage it.  The life of almost came to haunt him.  Yet he still had this desire to be the best he could be.

And in that desire, came this singular idea that became an obsession for him,  He wanted to write in his journal every day.  It was this thing he wanted but just couldn’t create.  He tried and failed repeatedly.

But one day everything changed.  He had what he described as a God experience.  God showed him what was wrong and he was able to completely flip the switch at that moment.

He went from 5 days being his best journal writing streak to 967 days in a row like he was born doing it.

After a few years, Seth was ready to take this process, that changed his life and start sharing it.  He created his proprietary 3-step process to recreate for others the dramatic shift that changed his life.  Now, when people step into his world, they don’t leave the same person.  

Human nature doesn’t care what level it is at.  It merely wants its normal. 

Seth’s process centered around his realization that no amount of willpower could ever change the fact that he’s human.  So many lifestyle changes people try to make involve fighting against their own innate humanity.  That is a losing battle.

Human nature is to want more. And the more we get, the more we want and the more we can’t get.  That’s normal.  The human experience is I want more and can’t get it.  The feeling of almost being there we are actually addicted to.  

So now that we know that, we can harness it.

We can't change the ups and downs of human nature. You can, you cannot change that force. All you can do is partner with it. It’s just like the rings of a horse, you get to tell that wild horse, where to go. You get to train it a little bit. You can't change the fact that it's wild has got a wild heart.

But you can coax it. How you do that is simply taking the line of wherever normal is for you and moving it.  For example, if it’s 10k/month in income. You move it to $30k.  And there are identities and different things that attach to that line when it's moved.  That’s the concept.  Radically simple.  Human nature doesn’t care what level it is at.  It merely wants its normal. 

Once you make something normal, your whole human nature conspires to keep it.

Think about a vegan.  They don’t have to try not to eat meat.  Their normal is not eating meat. 

For Seth, it was journal writing.  And he asked himself did he believe he was a journal writer.  The answer was no.  At that moment the realization came that if you don’t believe something about yourself, you cannot force yourself to do it.  You must become that.  In this case, consciously choose it.

All you truly have are identity-based choices and choice-based identities.  That’s it.  You have nothing else from which to build anything that matters.  

You can’t hack human nature with affirmations or any other stuff.  You have to choose and you have to believe.

Seth has what he calls the Breakthrough Challenge as his first step for anyone who comes into his world wanting to work with him or learn to harness this for their own change.

The process has worked for thousands of people and is based on simple steps anyone can take.  It’s fun, bite-sized, and a truly transformative experience.  

To summarize the idea of choosing the identity and then making choices based on that identity is what leads to the results that everyone is wanting. For example, if I say that I am an athlete then I naturally work out. It's no big deal. I'm an investor. What is an investor do?  They invest. Simple.  What is it you want?  What are the matching actions?

It’s so simple, but it's the most profound thing that one could possibly imagine in terms of personal growth.

Listen to this again and apply it to your life.

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