Nuggets: The $20 Rule

It’s another Nuggets episode and this one is all about something I like to call the $20 Rule. This is a concept that I have developed and integrated into my life, and I recommend that you do the same!

In this episode, I cover exactly what the $20 Rule is and how it can completely transform your life and the lives of those around you.

Trying The $20 Rule For Yourself

The $20 Rule can add tremendous value to your life and other people’s lives. In fact, it can change the world as you know it. This rule follows the basic principle of ensuring that, in every interaction you have (regardless of who it's with), the other person should walk away feeling like you have just given them $20.

You don't have to literally give them a $20 bill. You can provide them with valuable information or advice. You might want to give somebody your time and energy. Whatever it is, it just needs to be something that is invaluable and life-changing to the other person.

How The $20 Rule Can Transform Your Life

Whether you use this rule in your personal life or your business, it has the power to shift your mindset and make incredible changes in your life. Not only this but using the $20 Rule can have a knock-on effect by impacting everybody in your close circle, from your business partners and clients to your friends and family members.

Want to learn more about the $20 Rule is? Give this episode a listen and you can start to transform your life and the lives of so many others around you!

Listen to the episode here.

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