Nuggets: How I Almost Lost $114,000

In today’s shorter podcast episode, I spoke about how I almost lost $114,000 so that you can avoid making the same sort of mistakes that I did and avoid losing large amounts of money.

Taking Risks in Business

I’m not usually somebody who likes to hedge their bets in business but when it comes to investment, I’m all about taking risks in the hopes of achieving ‘higher highs’. Higher risk means a high reward.

There have been a couple of opportunities where my big risks have paid off. But in this Nugget episode of the podcast, I talk about one particular scenario where my risk isn’t quite turn out the way I’d hoped.

How I Almost Lost $114,000

My investment risk was in cryptocurrency. The owner of a particular project had great credentials and I tried out parts of the project prior to investing. So, I felt confident in putting $114,000 into this project.

Dips in cryptocurrency are expected but the value of the coin that I’d invested in for this project dropped by almost 50%. I was a heartbeat away from losing everything…

Listen to the podcast to hear more of this scary experience and the key lessons that I learned throughout the process.

Listen to the episode here.

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