How To Launch This Super Simple 2-Step Funnel and Sell $1M Of Your Course or Product

If there's one secret to explosively, grow your business without a doubt, it's mastering paid advertising, but over the last several years, it's become far more expensive, confusing, and very complicated. So now you need to turn to agencies or spend months learning how these algorithms work to get predictable leads.

The Facebook and YouTube ad platforms cost they're rising and acquiring new customers cut deeper and deeper into your profit margins, but there's hope. And it exists in trying different methods that not many other advertisers are using.

My guest today on this episode is my good friend, Ryan Fenn, who has found an insanely simple two-step funnel that gets him leads and buyers for pennies on the dollar. In fact, he sold over a million dollars with this strategy to a course.  Unbelievable!

Talk About ROI!

As Ryan was figuring out how to sell his course, one thing he knew was that if he could get people on the phone, he could close them.  He just needed to figure out how to get them on a call.

He looked at all the options for generating leads including funnel building software and realized there was only one thing he needed to know.

How to get people from Facebook or from an ad on Facebook, into a conversation with him on the phone. And how to do that in as few steps as possible. And so the whole idea he had was, how to get their phone number and shoot them a text message after he got it.

And then how to get them on a phone call with him. From there he got the idea for his funnel.  The idea was to keep it as seamless as possible, with minimal clicks.

Ryan’s offer was a simple windshield repair business course that sold for around $2000. Using this simple system, he helped over 1,000 people start a business, earning over $2 million.

While everyone in the market is competing for ever more expensive YouTube and Facebook ads, Ryan chose a simpler, much less expensive route.  His secret sauce is Facebook leads ads. This strategy also helped them remain immune from the iOS 14 update issues.  

 The Facebook lead ad platform is literally a funnel built for you, right on Facebook. It allows you to literally have a lead-generating funnel directly on Facebook in about 15 minutes.

You capture names and phone numbers, and you don’t have to do any complicated tech or Pixels.

Ryan is generating leads from $1.50 up to sometimes $3.50 cents. These are leads, not clicks.   That's somebody submitting a form with their name and phone number and requesting information.  With that, it takes Ryan about $100-$200 investment to sell a $3000 course. 

Talk about ROI!!

Speed to Lead

The key to the success of this type of funnel is speed to lead.  He sends a text message within 10 seconds of them submitting their information with the free information they requested. 

Texting leads is revolutionary because you get an almost 100% open rate and it gets their attention focused on you. 

It’s like putting your arm around them, walking them out of that room, closing the door, and having a conversation with them. 

A human connection in a world of transactions.  

Learning how to market in an ever noisy world is key to success in business.

In our DropFunnels Partner Program, we did a 2-hour Masterclass with Ryan.  In that, Ryan walked our private clients through this whole process step-by-step.  We’ve preserved that session in posterity in our library of content.  It’s just one of the ways we provide value to our clients.  

It's actually been called one of the world's most valuable marketing memberships on the planet because you get everything you need to grow your business, including geniuses, like Ryan, to share their secret strategies for success.

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