How to Create Highly Profitable (And Scalable) Marketing Campaigns

If you're growing a business, one of the most critical aspects to focus on is scalability. But not just scalability, predictable scalability. One of the best ways to make your business predictably scalable is through paid advertising.

Ashton Shanks is a good friend of mine and the owner of Hemon Media Group. Hemon Media is a full-Service direct response marketing and ad management services business.  They focus on serving conversion-focused / goal-oriented businesses.

Ashton reveals in this episode, the exact funnel format that he uses in his own marketing and for clients.  He also shares the very best way for people to get started in digital advertising. Also, he reveals the exact targeting and retargeting strategies that he uses with his clients.  You're going to walk away with some incredible gold about how to grow your business using paid traffic

Accepting things as they are, not how they "should" be.

At 26, Ashton manages multi-million dollar advertising campaigns for some huge brands.  He got into marketing when he was only 16 working for a start-up packaging orders. 

That company grew fast and they needed someone to do marketing.  Having the longest tenure, Ashton was offered the spot of marketing director.  He took to the role and in only 3.5 years the company was doing over $3 million a month in revenue.  That early success led to more opportunities to do the same.

Ashton is mature beyond his years. Turmoil in his youth forced him to adapt to chaos.  Further, he learned how to accept things as they are, instead of how he thought they “should be.”

This early lesson in resilience keeps him going to this day. It serves as a reminder not to let any outside circumstances crush him.

Consequently, he copes with difficult situations and clients from a place of detachment instead of a victim mentality. Viewing things with detachment, allows him to analyze marketing and make the tweaks needed to maximize ad spend.

According to Ashton, the secret to marketing is telling the story and building trust.  Customers have to trust before they will take out their credit cards.  Ashton’s firm focuses on getting clients to build trust by telling their stories.  They use retargeting ads to build on the story and overcome objections.  Each piece builds upon the last.  The ads address common objections, leaving the customer ready to buy.

There are only 4 main objections.

From managing around $50 million in ad spending, Ashton realized that there are four main objections people have.

One, the ad was boring or not special. It didn't catch their attention. Second, they don't believe the claims made.  Either not enough proof was provided or the claim wasn't perceived as trustworthy.  Third, the prospect straight doesn't believe your message. This could mean they might believe the claim,  just don’t believe you can deliver it.  Lastly, the prospect is not sold.  They don't want it.

Any marketer who wants to increase conversions must address these four obstacles.

Is Ashton’s firm, they create ads for each objection and retarget prospects so that they see them all.  This pre-handles objections so clients come in ready to buy.

This has allowed his firm to consistently deliver results when competitors can't.  This has translated into a slew of referral business for them.

There are so many other gold nuggets in this episode, you are going to need to listen to the whole thing. Make sure you have pen and paper ready to capture them all.  In fact, you are going to want to listen more than once.


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