How To Build An A Player Entrepreneurial Team To 10X Your Vision

There comes a point in every entrepreneur's journey when they realize they can't do it all themselves. When that happens, it's critical that you start to develop a culture and a team to fill inside that culture, to help bring your mission and vision to life. Richard Shaull from Unleashed CEO did this interview with me. It left me so blown away by the depth and power of building an entrepreneurial team.  I'm excited to share this information with you. 

In this episode, we cover how to hire well and how to fire well. We also discuss how to overcome some of the major roadblocks of talent acquisition. Finally, we discuss how to find talent, and how best to fill the gaps in your business to help you to multiply.

You will want to take diligent notes. This episode is so good, we left it unedited. It's going to make a big impact on how you build your entrepreneurial team. 

Success, Failure and an Epiphany

Richard grew up in a family of entrepreneurs.  He started his first business in high school.  That business found quick success and got him hooked on entrepreneurship.  By the time he started his third business at age 20, he thought he knew it all.  But he didn’t.

Richard made tons of mistakes and it all came crashing down. Multiple six-figures in the red, defrauded by the state government and people quitting right and left, it was an absolute disaster. It caused him to question everything.  He finally realized that he needed to grow and change to be a successful entrepreneur and leader.  It was his turnaround moment.

As a result of that epiphany and with the help of a great team, Richard was able to bring that business back from the brink of disaster.  Then guide it into solid profitability.  

After that adventure, Richard was ready for a new challenge.  He sold his shares to his partner and then prepared to start a new venture with his new perspective.

To multiply yourself you need a team...

Richard co-founded a company as his next project. Together they took it from two people sitting in the living room to over 50 people on the org chart in five years. That success that he was able to build by growing himself and a team has fueled his passion for what he does today.

Every day Richard sees many entrepreneurs struggle because they try to do it all.  But you can’t leverage yourself enough to grow beyond a certain point.  It is critical to be able to multiply yourself with the skills and resources of a team.

The fear of hiring the wrong people or having to fire someone keeps so many trapped.  Richard has made some unbelievable mistakes when it comes to hiring, so he understands that fear.  Yet, by remaining stuck, entrepreneurs lose the ability to focus on the things they are good at and multiply their efforts.

Richard sees hiring an assistant as the first step to freedom and doubling capacity for most entrepreneurs.  And while many hold off on doing it, once they do, they find so much creativity and fire.  This happens because they are finally free from things that drain their energy.

But where do you find the right people?  Those that are an asset and not a drain.  To Richard, the key to finding the right people is through operating from a place of abundance.  Putting your vision out there and letting it attract the right people to you.  He has found that searching for employees from a place of scarcity, leaves you with bad fits.

Once you have the right people on board, it is critical to keep them motivated.  The way to do that is through celebrating when people do things right.  What gets rewarded and celebrated is what gets repeated.  It’s the secret.  Not money, not fringe benefits, it’s celebrating your people.

There is so much more in this episode, so make sure to listen to the whole thing.

Richard is the CEO of Unleashed CEO.  You can find more information about him and his company at or on YouTube.

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